About Us

Fireworks, an active part of the foster community youth entrepreneurship, which envisions to transform the current shape of rural Artisans . Attracting global attention for ancient art, our enterprise works to preserve the artisan’s legacy. Development being the prime focus, we are driven by our passion for change. A change that is helping revolutionise rural India.

The core strength of our platform has been to establish a production cycle,which works solely on sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly processes. Major elements of our shoes are handmade and have been made by using a craft, which is almost 800 years old. Leather used as a raw material for our products is a bi-product of meat industry, so no animal been harmed just to obtain the raw material .For our complimentary products category, like linen apparels 100% quality linen is used which is natural and most breathable.

“A passion for life; gratitude for skills and talents; heart, body and soul in work and craft, remaining dignified and humble even when life is celebrated!”
Employing the artisans of Chambhar community (Maharashtra ,
India) Our team have given their art a platform it deserves. Through directed innovation, modern equipment and skill development initiatives, Our team have managed to create a production model that stays unparalleled. An art, with a past of 800 years, has finally received a respectable place in the present. The skilled hands of these artisans have never failed our quality checks and continue to receive a worldwide admiration.
Fireworks is about celebrating life, not just festivals, holidays and occasions. Life in its simple and ordinary things, a life worth living and a life everyone deserves to celebrate.. 


 We decided to create a product, that would eventually get to become the travel buddy of the Glocal millennials and a way to sustainable fashion, for a world, growing towards conscious buying each day. The vision has always been to create and advocate a real change via enterprise.
Hence in the past few years, not only we become an active branch of the platform which provides sustainable income and infrastructural opportunities for 37 artisans in our village of production (in India) but also provide a strong education infrastructure, to 150 kids from the same village.

 But This Journey is long and still a long way to go , so much to do . With the right business approach and complete ethical means , we are doing our bid towards a sustainable and ethical industry in the field of fashion .
What about you ?