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When life is celebrated!

Our handcrafted products go beyond for the purpose of making sales and business. Inspired to revive the almost-forgotten-art of handcrafts, we work directly with the artisans to bring to the customers the highest quality in handcrafted products.

With every purchase, you will not only get a high quality product but at the same time you are making a huge impact on the artisan community as some proceeds from the sale will go directly to the artisan’s community to help sustain their art and source of living.

All of our products are beautifully packaged.

Empowering artisans

Every product that is handcrafted takes time, skill and intensive labour as well as dedication to arrive at the artistically finished product.

You know that what you are buying is not just a product but the special effort of someone whose passion went into the making of that particular product, something made with love and care.

And therein lies the value of handcrafted products.

We appreciate these core values in these handcrafted products and are sure you would too.

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