our impact


We believe that the world is for everyone. From ethical sourcing leather from animals who have completed their natural life cycle to improving and empowering the lives of our artisans and their families, we strive everyday to contribute toward creating a more inclusive world for everyone.

the cycle

A dying art and heritage
We provides state of the art technology and equipment, 'complimenting the traditional process
Engineered for comfort and quality
Worldwide distribution channels
We direct the revenues to strengthen the community

artisan empowerment

Employing the artisans of Chambhar community, we have given their art a platform it deserves. Through directed innovation, modern equipment and skill development initiatives, we have managed to create a production model that stays unparalleled. An art, with a past of 800 years, has finally received a respectable place in the present. The skilled hands of these artisans have never failed our quality checks and continue to receive a worldwide admiration.

We give these artisans an employment for their livelihood, a platform for their art, and education for their children. We truly believe in a holistic approach towards business. Due to correct marketing today these shoes attract global appreciation. The right sources, the right tools and the right skill is precisely why these cobblers have turned into artisans. We have preserved their past, secured their future and given them a quality life for their present.

 This community exudes the exact spirit of a true Desi. They have committed their life to their art and we have committed it to their development. Due to premium materials and optimum utilization of resources, today this Indian art is able to fetch a decent price even at a global level. The local make is being sold to a global audience. This is where the revolution begins.


We are creating an ecosystem fulfilling needs of the artisans and securing their future generation sustainably.

We have taken up the cause of academic revolution in rural India. Our performance is analyzed not by the number of soles we sell, but by the number of souls we influence. In a country like India, where about 70% of the population is concentrated in rural areas, a change must be brought about first, in the Indian villages. Undertaking the ‘Adopt a school’ campaign, initiating this change in a place where it is most needed.

Our artisans reside with their families near our workshop and along with them resides a will to learn, a will for education. However, initially, the only facilities the teachers there were able to provide were a temple which they called school and an old, isolated blackboard. The cold, uninviting floor drove half the children away and the few that stayed back were the ones desperately praying for a change. A change, that came with the ‘Adopt a school’ campaign. We direct the profits, towards the development of education in this village. Adopting this school, we hope to transform the fate of its students.

Providing facilities like water and electricity, we have created an appropriate academic environment for the students. From protecting them from the chills of the floor to providing them with the necessary resources to study, we have covered the primary infrastructural needs of the school. Today, the students learn using digital technology,  they are getting a school that beacons them for learning and playing. One smile started a chain of smiles and one change is touching hundreds of lives.

360 model

Inspired by the idea of giving back to the society our business model leaves no stone unturned. Everything from the idea to the execution is knit around our social initiatives. Developing rural education and preserving Desi culture are two goals we live by.

Our process involves a morally conscious start with ethical sourcing of raw materials. It is out of this leather that our skilled artisans carve the Desi footwear. Profits from every sale are sincerely directed towards our "Adopt a school" campaign. The school that we have currently adopted is the very place where our artisans send their children. This school is wholly run by the profits generated from the footwear that these artisans craft. Hence the community art efficiently takes care of the primary educational needs of the village.

Thanks to our customers, today this community generates its own revenue, runs its own school and preserves its own heritage. We hope to bring such holistic transformation, one village at a time.

Be a cautious buyer, know what you spend your money on.