Artisan Empowerment

Employing the artisans of Chambhar community, we have given their art a platform it deserves. Through directed innovation, modern equipment and skill development initiatives, we have managed to create a production model that stays unparalleled. An art, with a past of 800 years, has finally received a respectable place in the present. The skilled hands of these artisans have never failed our quality checks and continue to receive a worldwide admiration.

We give these artisans an employment for their livelihood, a platform for their art, and education for their children. We truly believe in a holistic approach towards business. Due to correct marketing today these shoes attract global appreciation. The right sources, the right tools and the right skill is precisely why these cobblers have turned into artisans. We have preserved their past, secured their future and given them a quality life for their present.

 This community exudes the exact spirit of a true Desi. They have committed their life to their art and we have committed it to their development. Due to premium materials and optimum utilization of resources, today this Indian art is able to fetch a decent price even at a global level. The local make is being sold to a global audience. This is where the revolution begins.