1 Shoes For All

Take a look at your shoes now and think what does the value that it give to your life?

We will go back to the main function of shoes - footwear is created to protect our feet from the danger of the world such as bacteria, sharp things, animals, thorns, plants and other. Its is one of human essential.

Nowadays, shoes has become a statement of fashion. It not just will protect your feet, but it will also compliment your attire and as you are aware that shoes evolved into many categories including - heels, sneakers, sandals, sports shoes, slip ons and more.

People tend to buy many shoes throughout their life - one shoes for every occasion (one for work, one for daily, one for casual, one for wedding and the list go on and on). But do you really need that many of shoes? What would happen to them after that? When you buy a footwear that is only specifically for that one event, after that it will only collecting at your home.

What if there is a shoes that you can wear to any occasions / events without not looking great? What if there is a shoes that will compliment any of your #OOTD? What if there is a shoes that is super comfy to wear all day long?

Our #Desi is the answer!

Why? Yes, our leather shoes are one-one-a-kind design, versatile (suitable for any occasion - work, daily, and casual) and very comfortable for your feet. Trust us. But wait, not just that!

Did you know that our shoes are handmade from 100% genuine leather that we sourced ethically? It took our skilled artisan 22 days to at least handmade one pair of Desi. Every Desi are carefully made, you will only get the best quality.

You only need one of our handmade leather shoes. One shoes for all. Less is more. Our handmade shoes will serve you for many years to come and will age perfectly, just like your favourite pair of jeans.

Try one today and experience our uniqueness and authenticity. It may just  a simple footwear, but we hope our handmade leather shoes will give a value to your life - a shoes that will be there for you through thick and thin, a shoes that you wear to anyway - always with you.

You can visit our website www.fireworkshouse.com to find out more about our wide range of shoes, we offered many design and colour for you to choose from - or visit any of our stores located in The Curve and Bangsar Shopping Centre if you want to try our shoes first.

Kindly PM / DM us on our social media platform if have any enquiries or if you just want to have a chat with us.


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