We are here with a basic shoe style guide for men to help you look your best. So, let’s get started and see if we can assist you to elevate your style to the next level.

If a man’s attire is judged from his shoes, then the color of his shoes is the first thing that people notice. Footwear, like many other aspects of menswear, has become less rigid in recent years; you can now wear leather loafers with jeans and a suit as well. However, color matching is crucial to achieving any look, and everyone should be aware of the cardinal style guidelines for matching shoes to a dress.

And like everything else in your closet, nailing color is both the easiest and most difficult aspect of getting dressed in the morning. Stick to tonal combos like black shoes with black trousers and brown shoes with tan chinos, and you’ll never look out of place.

For those who are new to the world of shoe color, there are some basic shoes style guide for men to follow each morning. Here is how to match their attire and shoes.

  • Block tones are continually smarter than multicolored items.
  • Darker tones are generally more sophisticated than lighter tones. They are also more adaptable.
  • If you’re wearing bright shoes, make sure the rest of your outfit is neutral. Further, bold shoes are easier to put on if you’re not wearing a Hawaiian shirt.
  • Black shoes are smarter than tan shoes. In contrast, chocolaty loafers can be more elegant than both.


style guide for men-fireworkshouse

style guide for men-fireworkshouse

Black shoes are the most fashionable option in all circumstances. They are the most dressed-up shoes you can have in your collection. However, you can only wear them with certain other outfits. They look incredibly wonderful when dressed up with a black blazer, but when worn with jeans, you’ll look like a street wizard.

Starting from the top, black should be your go-to color for black tailoring. In more formal settings, they also look great with grey or charcoal suiting.

Wearing black with blue, contrary to popular belief, will not harm your sartorial ego; nevertheless, stick to darker colors of navy rather than something more celebratory such as royal blue.

Casual trousers are more difficult to style. Stick to less formal styles if you intend to combine black shoes with chinos in the brown hue.  A pair of black loafers look better than a formal oxford shoe because it’s more casual and chunkier. Oxfords will never look with very slim black jeans. If you insist on wearing black shoes with dark denim, CHIEF BLACK and TITAN BLACK by Fireworks are the ideal options.


 style guide for men-fireworkshouse

style guide for men-fireworkshouse

style guide for men-fireworkshouse

style guide for men-fireworkshouse

style guide for men-fireworkshouse


When it comes to smart shoes, brown is the most forgiving color. Brown shoes add personality to any outfit other than a black suit or tuxedo and make it feel less stuffy.

Tailoring aside, you should choose brown color loafers for chinos of any color, though don’t match them too closely, like with double denim, you want at least two nuances of variation between your pants and shoes.

Darker browns go well with indigo denim, yet lighter brown shades can as well work well. Just make sure you step down into something less formal like HOLA NATURAL, HOLA BURNT SIENNA, ARISTOCRAT NATURAL, TYCOON NATURAL, ARISTOCRAT BURNT SIENNA, THEO NATURAL, CHIEF NATURAL, LEO BROWN, LORD BROWN, LEO NATURAL, or REINNA NATURAL.

If you’ve any personal reservations, don’t march into a minefield of opposing opinions with black trousers and brown shoes. If you’re confident, it’s a look that can work. And definitely, here again, loafers, particularly Fireworks’ are simpler to pull off your look.

Fireworks’ loafers are a serious investment piece and arguably the only shoes that it won’t be silly to include in your testament.

Needless to say, the entrepreneur behind Fireworks has a keen eye. He is the individual in question. He has compiled a range of the most iconic and unusual loafers of all time to help you put your best foot forward all year round.


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