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Batik is part of Malaysian culture

Batik shirts Malaysia is our most lovable tradition, which roots back to our ancient culture and traditions. However, the main reason for using batik shirts in modern clothing is the practicality of this soft cotton-based fabric. But hand block printing technique indeed creates eye-catching bespoke designs that machines can't produce. This is why the new generation is looking for chic style batik t-shirt designs for occasional dressing and casual wear. 

Therefore, we planned to bring traditions back to life and create premium quality and unique batik shirts for men to improvise their looks at office and social gatherings. Look at some spectacular new designs that you were missing in your wardrobe. Look at this Leng Chai wearing batik shirt!

Batik shirts for men - fireworkshouse


Our batik shirts Malaysia traditions are not limited to the usual block printing. As we all know, this world-class textile art is part of the Javanese art form. Therefore, these ancient art form patterns are connected with folklores. Interestingly, some patterns were only limited to the royal bloodline in the past. Do you also like to wear royal-looking patterns on batik shirts for men? How about wearing this Batik t-shirt while at next yum cha? 

batik shirt for men - fireworkshouse

If your sharp eyes have noticed, you can spot fishes in this batik shirt. These fish-based motifs represent prosperity and wealthy life. Buy this handmade block printed shirt for men now to get your chance of success and prosperity in your life. 

Indeed, these art forms on batik shirts for men have hidden meanings. For instance, the geometric shapes symbolize protection and security. Similarly, some other patterns signify authority, good fortune, love, and other hidden meanings. That is the reason we can wear different batik shirts on different occasions. 

Therefore, vibrant coloured patterns and motif of batiks make the perfect choice for brides and grooms. One may feel the blessings of ancestors while choosing these royal-looking batik shirts. Who knows we have only missed these special batik patterns in our life with hidden love and blessings from our ancestors? Yes, I very much own this batik tradition and love to wear them on all occasions. It is wonderful to see how exotic ancient art has become a modern and fashionable sensation for our youth. Because our elders already love to wear batiks on all sorts of occasions. 

How much Time and Effort are required to make Batik shirts for men?

Do you know how much time we take to create this chic style, modernized batik shirt for men? You cannot believe how much time, patience, and technology are required to make hand-printed batik shirts. Fireworks house is one of the top-quality brands to pick high-quality batik shirts for men. We only make exclusive batik shirts for men with creative designs and high-quality ethically sourced material. What are you waiting for? Let's live a culture-focused life and embrace this lovely batik tradition in our everyday wear. 

Where to buy the best batik shirts in Kuala Lumpur?

Fireworks batik t-shirts designs have awe-inspiring and unique designs that fit any occasion. Looking for a shop? You can pick your favourite batik shirts for men and order now with free delivery in Malaysia, thanks to digital evolution. Please check our decent and modernized batik t-shirt designs for men. We have made tricky men's shopping easy for you. Let's see a few glimpses of how to wear fireworks' batik shirts for any occasion

batik shirt for men- fireworks house


How to wear a batik shirt?

We have brought some inspiration for you to answer your questions, like how to wear batik shirts for men? Honestly, it looks amazing with pants, jeans, trousers, shorts matched with handmade leather shoes, loafers, slip Ons. Fireworks' batik shirts for men have patterned designs with sophisticated appeal. It will be easy for a newbie to start wearing batik shirts from our collection. Slowly and gradually, you can move to brighter colors and patterns. 

Check these sophisticated batik shirts for men in Malaysia online to see our full range now. It will be fun changing your dressing style in the new year. Wearing modern batiks and choosing a more culturally friendly dressing will increase your status in elders' eyes. It is because we all love our culture and heritage. 

Therefore, the best upcoming occasion for wearing batik shirts for men is new year parties. It can be a fun way to add stylish batik outfits to your wardrobe. Besides, you can also find a range of sophisticated leather shoes for men in the fireworks collection. 

 Look at this amazing collection of bold and bright batik shirts, which can bring good luck to you in this new year. Choose your favourite coloured batik shirt and rock at new year parties. These ready-to-wear shirts come in sizes from small to triple XL to fit your needs. Let's take a moment to appreciate these fancy batik shirts for men!

batik shirts online - fireworks house
batik shirts online - fireworks house
batik shirts online - fireworks house
batik shirts online - fireworks house
batik shirt  malaysia online- fireworks house
How to wear batik shirt - fireworkshouse
batik shirt for men online - fireworks house
batik shirt with jeans - fireworkshouse
batik shirt for men - fireworks house
batik Malaysia - fireworks house


Fireworks house is an Ethical Fashion Brand 

Best of all, by purchasing our products, you will be part of our revolutionary employees' empowerment movement. Fireworks is paying its social responsibility and providing free education for artisan kids to secure their future and give direction to the present life. Therefore, partner with us in the movement by purchasing quality products from our collection. Please take a quick round of our site to purchase:

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