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Men’s casual dress code, in which batik shirts are so common, is probably the best chance for men to articulate a distinctive style appropriately. Casual wear is a western dress code that is easy to wear, comfy, and more suited for quotidian use.

Hun! Whether you pick something glossy, rugged, exclusive, or down-to-earth, men’s casual batik shirts are an encouragement to dress up in what feels most comfortable to you.

Where did Batik Come From?

The exact origin of batik is unknown; however, it’s broadly familiar in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Africa, Middle East, China, and other countries these days.  Initially, the art of batik was practiced in Java, an island in Indonesia. At that time, it only belonged to royal families and wealthy people.

Many historians from all over the world have researched Javanese batik that is Indonesia’s pride and joy. It is so unique that it was inscribed on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2009.

The Europeans were the first to gain proficiency in Batik art and implemented it in their countries. A few other countries like China, Japan, the Philippines, and Africa have their own unique style and interpretation of batik art. Likewise, when Indians discovered the significance and relevance of this batik art form, they too began to use akin techniques to demonstrate their ideas.

What is the Story Behind the Malaysian Batik Art?

Javanese batik artisans employed wax and copper blocks for the first time on the East Coast in the 1920s. Hand-drawn batik, which is connected to Javanese batik, is a relatively new practice in Malaysia. This craft has developed its own particular style and design, which is only found in Malaysia.

Malaysian batik art is the technique of applying the wax-resistant coating to the fabric physically. It’s famous for its block printing techniques, on the fabric.  In fact, the main focus is given on innovation and transformation of traditional batik technique and style into current modern style and pattern, as well as experimenting with diverse techniques, patterns, and inspirations of various places.

Why is Batik Famous in Malaysia?

Batik shirts offer a fantastic textured look and feel, making them an excellent choice for men. That’s why these days, batik shirts are so popular among men in Malaysia due to their vibrant geometrical designs. Flowers and leaves are the most famous motifs.

Malaysian batik fabrics have a worldwide edge since they have brighter shades and more versatile patterns than the Indonesian batik fabrics, which have illustrations of animals and humans. Malaysian batik with human and animal prints is not so typical; however, the butterfly theme is a common exception.

Make You Look Classy with Fireworks’ Batik Shirts for Men

What outfits do you wear to look classy? Hun! If you want to look gorgeous and handsome, start by wearing Fireworks’ classic batik shirts. Never too baggy, never too tight; the clothing of a handsome man seems though it was tailored specifically for him.

Fireworks is a new emerging brand of batik shirts for men in Malaysia. The batik shirts for men by Fireworks can be worn for casual and smart-casual occasions, whether on a beach vacation or in Malaysia’s metropolitan streets.

Fireworks’ batik shirts provide a more personalized approach to the batik shirts for men and the fashion market. It’s a batik you can wear every day. Also, it offers something you can wear to any formal event, breathable enough for the poolside, yet brilliant enough for a beverage in the evening.



Fireworks Uses High-Quality and Lightweight Fabrics

The luxury brand, Fireworks, creates a sensation with their buttery soft cotton batik shirts. It’s an “oh my goodness, this is so soft” reaction when you wear Fireworks’ batik shirts. Fireworks use high-quality and lightweight fabrics loaded with softeners. The result is a flimsy and soft-to-the-touch batik shirt that will quickly become your new favorite.

Moreover, Fireworks’ collection includes a full range of modern and contemporary motives ranging from geometric to floral themes.


Pair Your Batik Shirts with Firework’s Leather Footwears

Fireworks provides you with the best look anytime, anywhere.

 It is suggested to wear cotton batik shirts with established designs for a formal function. Dark-colored batik can be worn for a more formal occasion. In contrast, bright-colored batik can be worn for casual occasions; Lily Mariasari explained who is a fashion designer and the owner of Elemwe Batik.  She also added that batik can also be combined with everyday shoes or sneakers for a more casual or sporty style.

Cheers!!! Fireworks has a comprehensive collection of fantastic leather footwear that is stylish and lightweight, extremely comfortable, and a perfect complement for your casual and formal looks. So, pull off a professional look by pairing your Fireworks' leather footwear with a batik shirt to look more sophisticated.

Fireworks Brings You the Elements of Style

Fireworks gives you the opportunity to spice up your wardrobe with stylish batik shirts, elegant loafers for men, and leather bags in no time. Moreover, Fireworks also have the latest collection of men’s casual shoes, meticulously handcrafted with the highest leather quality to provide you with a pleasant and comfortable footwear experience.

After finding each trend at Fireworks’ voguish platform, any gentleman would feel as if he has entered into the world of fashion. So, move forward, acquire the hottest looks of the season, and continue to be the center of attention as you always have been!!!





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