How to know the right size of shoe online?

While comfort and fashion come hand in hand, it isn't easy to achieve both simultaneously. To achieve this winning duo, we need to look for a brand that makes the right size of shoes for us. Neither too small, nor too short, just the right size!

Bad-fitted Shoes Hurt our Feet

It is because our feet are the most important part of our body. What hurts them is an ill-fitted shoe. I couldn't notice earlier that shoes can damage or torture our feet. But I was enlightened by the fact after reading an autobiography by a renowned shoemaker.

How to know the right size of shoe online?- Fireworks house

A fascinating story of his life- adventures starting his career as a village shoemaker and making the world's most luxurious shoe brand.

He was naturally gifted with a passion for shoemaking but faced various hardships in his life to fit his passion into creating a booming business. He was more perplexed with happy customers than to be named after his degrees. All he did care for was the customer's feedback for his shoes. Following his guidelines, there are some basic principles on "how to know the right size of shoes?"

Rules of the right size of the shoe

  • The best-sized shoe for your feet must have strong arch support to give maximum cushion for standing in an upright posture.
  • The shoe's shape must keep your toes free from pressure and narrowness. 
  • Besides, the shoe must be wide and long enough to keep toes in natural form.
  • More importantly, the toes must be free like your feet on a soft carpet. 

A great misunderstanding about shoe Size

Most salespeople sell ill-fitting shoes to you by saying that it will widen with time. What a logic!. 


It is damaging your feet and joints. I request you to purchase the best-fitted shoes only. The right size of shoe is the one that instantly fits your feet and gives arch support, and keeps your toes free and safe.

Walking disorder due to ill-fitted shoes

You wouldn't believe that a badly fitted shoe can affect your feet and brain health. Yes, tight-fitted shoes can obscure information coming to the brain. Heavens above! Ferragamo explains that even some individuals got walking disorders due to bad-fitted shoes. Therefore, we all need a solution. In this fast-fashion world, we cannot depend upon any casual brand to take care of the right size of shoes for our feet. Instead, we need to look for an ethical fashion brand that fulfils our criteria of feet health.

Honestly, I admire that Ferragamo explained: how comfortable shoes could change your attitude and calm your nerves!

how to size shoes properly- fireworks house


Therefore, we all need comfortable and flexible shoes for the best feet and brain health.

How to find the right size shoe brand in Malaysia?

It is a difficult question indeed. After much research, I came to know that:

Asian feet are wider, and

we need locally made right-fitted shoes for us.

Besides, our tropical weather needs an airy and roomy pair of shoes for daily use.

Therefore, we need a brand that fulfils our basic daily need for splendid, luxury looking right-fitted shoes.

Fireworkshouse brand 

Fireworkshouse is the latest emerging ethical Fashion brand in Malaysia, providing handmade supreme quality leather footwear, bags, batik shirts and female apparel for Malaysian people. Let's get into little detail about how fireworks' shoes are made?

How Fireworks' handmade Leather shoes are made?

Fireworks is bringing back 800 years old art of handmade shoemaking. Usually, it takes around 8 to 10 hours to make a shoe with the help of machines. But fireworks artisans handmade a pair in 22 days. 

Yes, it may catch your attention that this brand makes sure to deliver excellent performance and comfort in your right sized shoes in this hustling lifestyle. You cannot be surer about quality and perfection in one place!

Fireworkshouse is using Ethically sourced material 

Indeed, producing handmade shoes with ethically sourced leather is a big challenge due to the scarcity of resources. But fireworks made this happen to deliver quality products to our customers. In addition, the upcycling of the leather of deceased cow skin through eco-friendly process defines our values of sustainability and recycling of waste materials.

Why to adopt Fireworks' products ?

Moreover,Fireworks is an ethical fashion brand that strongly denies fast fashion culture where labour faces poor working conditions and follows inhumane animal cruelty practices. Moreover, Fireworks' doesn't promote child labour for low-cost production. 

Instead, they foster hope and a better future in the lives of their artisans. Not only the skilled labour is getting the best working conditions. But also, they are giving free education using the latest digital technology to the kids of our artisans. Therefore, we encourage you to adopt our ethical fashion brand for your everyday lifestyle needs like shoes, bags, batik shirts and ladies casual wear.

Now you know, Fireworks makes the right sized handmade leather shoes for you! Then why not seek the pleasure of walking fast and smart with the best handmade leather footwear in Malaysia?

Please don't worry about "How to measure shoe size online?" Please check our shoe size chart for your convenience and ease of buying the right size of shoes.






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