What are the Top brands for loafer for men in Malaysia?

Loafer for men are in fashion again

Loafer for men is now an essential wardrobe staple to complete your formal and casual look. Don't you agree? Do you think loafers for men are old fashioned shoes? Here's big news for you! Loafers are in style again, and yet it is the peak season to show your dapper look with loafer on jeans. Indeed, 2021 seems to be a booming period for a new and stylish variety of loafer for men. 

Loafers show your gentleman's taste and add to your elegant personality. Besides, loafers are more about comfort. While in office, we all move around and might have to stay all day long.

In addition, few jobs need extra-long hours standing, so why not buy something causal and classy?

Hence, we have hot and humid weather in Malaysia. Therefore, we love hotter shoes and want more comfortable options here with a touch of vogue. In my opinion, Slip-on's loafers are best for office wear. Ah! What an easy shoe for your power saving mode? Just slip on and be ready to go! Yes, loafers for men are good for lazy persons like you who are always in battery saving mode ūüėČ. Did I sound sarcastic?¬†

Origin of Loafers

If we dig into the history a little, Wildsmith first introduced loafers. King George VI told him to make a house shoe for indoor use, with few sets of instructions. To follow those instructions, he made low heeled and lace-less shoes to wear mostly indoors. That was the origin of the world's famous brand for loafers- Wildsmith loafers. Yes, the idea was soon popular. Now it is an essential staple for your stylish apparel, outdoors, indoors, workplace and travelling. 

Taking its style, beauty, and usage, many brands have customized loafers to fit Malaysia's humid and hot weather. Let's look what is the best loafer for men options available online.

Can we get the best loafer for men online in Malaysia?

Aren't you started searching for the "best loafer for men in Malaysia"? Yes, you have a wide variety of loafer shoes for men in Malaysia. Starting from the well known, we will figure out the most unique and trendy loafer available in Malaysia. 

 List of Top Brands of Loafer for Men in Malaysia

Stylicy Shoes Malaysia Loafers for Men

Stylicy presents attention-grabber loafer shoes for men. These loafers are a slip-on style with a buckle strap on, stacked heel and leather sole. But these stylish and comfortable office shoes have no control over sweating and moisture of the feet. Therefore, it isn't easy to carry it all day long without moisture-wicking socks. Do we have any other option for moisture-free leather shoes? Let's search more…

Pedro Shoes Malaysia Loafers for Men

Pedro has an exotic-looking loafer for men. They serve you best for luxury and class. You can find a variety of pure leather, suede loafers, textured penny loafers in their whole loafer collection with slightly higher prices. But it might be too classy for your casual look. You need to find something else for your evening drives and parties. Do we have any other options for loafer shoes for men available?

Zeveshoes Malaysia Loafer for Men

Another classic and luxurious loafer shoe for men is zeveshoes. You will see a wide range of executive looking loafers with slightly higher prices. But the price is not the only matter. These refined-looking loafers are only best for office and business meetings. Yet they are classier than you need to show your fashion trends. So, we will keep searching for something new, having class but not showing 90s fashion. That is what I am looking for in my 2021 shoe collection.

Fireworks House Loafer for men

It's time to change your style and even consider some emerging brands for your wardrobe. With the evolution of fashion sense and style, designers adapt to new trends, giving us a more diverse collection than ever. Therefore, it is always good to see what's new and emerging in the market. 

Surfing through the net, I spotted a unique looking handmade leather loafer shoe online store. Fireworks House has an impressive collection of handmade, beautifully woven loafers for men. You, too, should have a look at these unique looking loafer shoes for men. Indeed, this is the best collection of loafers for men near me. I am so excited to discover even more about this beautiful shoe brand- fireworkshouse. 

loafer for men- fireworks house

Look at the astounding weaving pattern, soft padding, and comfortable slip-on style. Besides, these airy shoes keep our feet dry during hot and humid summers. Likewise, these handmade leather shoes are both good for my formal and semi-formal look. 

loafer for men- fireworks house

blue loafer for men- fireworks house


Black loafer for men- firework house


Moreover, these colors look fantastic and fit well with my outfits too. While black is classic, but blue, yellow, brown look excellent for evenings and parties. Besides, I can experiment with my dressing with hola natural, heir blue, chief black, hola burnt sienna, aristocrat natural, tycoon natural and Chief burnt  sienna. I love to add these handwoven and lightweight shoes to my shoedrobe.

In summation, these loafers for men are an excellent footwear option with your suit, trousers, jeans, chinos, batik shirts and dress shirts.  

How to wear men's loafers?

Wondering? How to wear men's loafers? Tried of too much dressed up look? Believe me, loafers Give you an excellent chic look that is not overly formal ! 

Formal looks with Loafer for Men 

For formal wear hola natural, heir blue, aristocrat burnt sienna, chief burnt sienna, theo natural, chief natural, theo black, titan black, tycoon burnt sienna and hola tan look amazing. 

Corporate party Looks with Loafer for Men

Besides, we can choose Heir natural, Reina Red, Reina natural and Aristocrat natural, Tycoon tan for corporate parties. These versatile loafers for men describe your relaxed and simplistic personality.

Semi-formal/ Causal look with Loafer for Men

Moreover, for semi-formal looks to complement your jeans and dress shirt, you should try daily burnt sienna, tycoon olive green, August blue, aristocrat natural, belle burnt sienna and titan natural. Don't hesitate to experiment with these long-lasting handmade leather shoes. 

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Keep visiting us for more exciting and informative shoe fashion posts. Next, we will post about the top loafer outfits for men. It is because we want you to look dapper but not drab. Therefore, let us know what you like most about the fireworkshouse latest loafer collection. 


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