FIREWORKS' latest ladies dresses- Naina collection

Do you mind wearing fresh and vibrant kurtas, floral dresses, or sleeveless tops to celebrate your freedom of style? These stunning ladies' dresses are made up of breathable fabric imprinted with handmade block prints. Each piece can give you a style boost and amazing looks.. The main idea is to design casual outfits with comfort and style.

Naina's collection- ladies dresses - fireworks house
Naina's collection -ladies dresses - fireworks house
Naina's collection- ladies dresses - fireworks house


Moreover, Naina is equally catering to the late teens, university students and middle-aged women as casual outfits. Equally, it covers the needs of all ethnic groups. 

For more covered ladies dresses, you can pair these breathable shirts with scarfs. These floral printed kurtas and tops pair well with jeans, hot pants and even palazzo. Besides, it suits our hot and tropical weather and these dresses are comfortable to wear in all seasons. Even the Pair well with shawls for the winter season. 

Sleeveless shirts are best for summer night parties, shopping and strolling outside at night. Let's get ready for a night out with these amazing floral and lining prints. 

Naina's collection- ladies dresses - fireworks house


Fireworks is Malaysia's emerging lifestyle brand having a unique collection of ladies dress shirts to enhance your personality with floral prints. At the same time, causal ladies dresses are more famous these days for occasions. We offer trendy ladies dresses, then blouse and saree or Pakaian to give you comfortable outfits that look fabulous.

Ladies, this is the best place for you to look for the latest fashion trends. We cater for your fashion and beauty looks of ladies dresses while keeping in mind your budget. Therefore, we got you breathable fabric palazzo, floral kurtas, tops, straight cut knee-length dresses, and sleeveless dresses. You can create endless style possibilities with this elegant ladies collection.  

With the fireworks latest Naina collection, you can set high standards of fashion for ladies dresses. We encourage you to pick our latest and finest Naina collection ranging from modest to mod.

How to dress up with Fireworks' Naina's collection?

For a pure cultured girl, we have a trendy Kurta and palazzo. While for the more wonderful look, try our casual flip flop style straight cut knee-length dress. For colourful teen looks, we have a floral off-shoulder top. Yet, you can further slay your peers with our floral sleeveless tops.

ladies dresses off shoulder top - fireworks house
straight cut dress naina's collection- fireworks house

For an inspiring fashion lover, we have red sleeveless top ladies dress. Do try our celeste floral dress to get a unique compliment from your friends. You get a lovely chic look with this elegant minimalist dress. Perfect for your romantic evenings!!

 ladies dresses celeste floral dress naina's collection - firework's house

Malaysia is a multicultural land where every individual shares its unique culture to add beauty to its culture. Our beautiful Naina collection speaks for your individuality and sense of style in ladies dresses. You can always pick any one of these dresses while maintaining your modesty.

For more modest options, pick our floral kurtas from Naina's collection. Moreover, get a sculpted look at the evening parties with the white floral dress. In addition, pink palazzo gives an unmissable statement look for your morning rides or evening hanging out.

ladies dresses floral kurta - fireworks house

Also, there is no harm in showing your fun side while hanging out. Check out our brown lining sleeveless ladies top to show your confidence. Try a floral sleeveless top to slay your buddies with your fashion sense for more stylish versions of ladies' dresses. Indeed, Naina's lovely minimalistic dresses, celebrates our feminity and individuality.

Brown lining sleeveless tops ladies dresses- fireworks house

Moreover, We have an awesome blue back pleats blouse with jeans. People always search for unique tops to wear with jeans. In addition, off shoulder also looks amazing with skinny jeans. But our possibility of wearing Naina to look and feel comfortable does not end here. You can choose various options with your lovely hot pants. 

Regardless of your motivation behind wearing hot pants, our floral, lining, and red sleeveless tops perfectly show your wild personality. This must-have combo of sleeveless shirts with hot pants looks great in amazing floral prints. Both blue, red-brown have an amazing serious statement and show your taste.  

Best of all above is a white ankle length kurta dress. An easy-going and comfortable knee-length dress looks fabulous with hola pink and belle natural. Try pairing with a cool hat in the hot summer to avoid the scorching heat. This combo seems stunning while travelling.

white ankle length kurta ladies dresses- fireworks house

Let's pair up these dresses with shoes. People often ask various questions about shoes and personality:  

What shoes to wear with straight leg jeans?

 What shoes to wear with jeans?

We recommend using soft, comfortable shoes for casual wear. Hola red and hola pink looks amazing with this Naina collection. These organic handmade leather shoes set your fashion standards high while remaining within the budget. Besides, it gives you the liberty to add to your personal touches.

Hola red paired with ladies dresses- fireworks house

hola pink paired with ladies dresses- fireworks house

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