Where to Buy the best weekender duffle bag in Malaysia?

Are you looking for the best Weekender duffle bag in Malaysia?

Yes, I am searching for a practical, versatile Weekender duffle bag that looks cool and suitable for my short trips. I have to travel abroad to attend an educational conference. Being newly married, I will use this opportunity to spend some time in my most favorite destination: Paris. It will be a fantastic short honeymoon trip between the fallen leaves of Pairs. It's Autumn now, and I am already imagining and loving the enhanced beauty of Paris now. 

Coming towards my planning, I am looking for a specific Weekender duffle bag for this formal plus romantic trip - that could carry all my daily bits for short weekend adventures.

On the go, I often find some leather backpacks too. But I like leather backpacks for hiking trips. Moreover, leather messenger bags are suitable for an office look but not for this whole trip. What do I want now? I like the mix and match between a sturdy and luxurious-looking bag that could go well with my stylish shoes and functionality during my trips. 

A person like me who loves to travel and keep my essentials with care, an ideal bag should be compact and classy. Though I have various other bags in my collection so far, this time, I need a more sophisticated bag, hefty and roomy for my two suits, with zipper pockets to keep my passport and wallet. So, I asked my friends to suggest a romantic weekender duffle bag for me. They asked me to search in the designer collection of famous weekender duffle bags. Naturally, who doesn't like a designer bag for this particular trip?

Famous international Brands of Weekender Duffle Bags 

Want some names?

Here you go :

1- Kate spade weekender duffle bag

2- Michael kors weekender duffle bag

3- Nike Jordan Airborne Weekender Duffle Bag 

 4- Tory Burch weekender duffle bag

So I go through all bags collection. Read my analysis below:

1- Kate spade Weekender duffle bag

 Kate spade bags are well-known in New York with classic style, a traditional shape, and reliable weekender duffle bags online. I appreciate those women who care for fashion like me and introduced new ideas in the bags market. I already have a very sophisticated bag from her collection. But I don't want another nylon bag this time. 

2- Michael Kors Weekender duffle bag

Micheal kors bags truly speaks for style and sophistication. Though prices are incredibly high, my heart goes for their bags. But it was exceedingly above my budget this time. Although, it inspired me to pack away and start my journey now. But, it was a little less roomy for my needs. Therefore, I tried to narrow my search and moved to a more practical, roomier, and more adjustable bag for my short trips over the weekend. 

3- Nike Jordan Airborne Weekender Duffle Bag 

One of my friends asked me to check in a Nike Jordan Weekender duffle bag. Though it was spacious and with many pockets, it was more a gym than a travel bag. Also, polyester is not what I was looking for as my handsome travel companion. I wanted to travel in Paris with style and elegance. Bags, I believe, speak so much about us. 

4- Tory Burch Weekender duffle bag

These are good and more like a sports bag. Made with Nylon, they give you a cool look while traveling, but better for a sportsman or beach vacations. Blue and white are not what I needed for my trip. 

What Next? !! 

How do I choose a Weekender Duffle Bag for me?

I want to ask you what you prefer for your smart travels? How do you keep minimalistic looks while traveling? 

What is your ideal pick for a vacation bag? Not sure? 

At least you know that it shouldn't be too big or too small. 

Besides, I want practical organizers pockets inside and outside. 

Moreover, I do need the latest trendy piece, not to compromise our fashion statement.

Likewise, a hefty bag that maintains its shape and grace wherever we put it. 

Also, it must be theft-proof !

For stuff, I do prefer pure handmade leather bags

What more? Color? Yes, the color can be pink if you want and like it.

But the big question is, "does it comes in my budget"?

 Like every other thing, bags also come in all sizes and budgets. 

But bag lovers want reliability and a sense of attachment with their traveling essentials too. Like I want a bag with roomy capacity, adjustable, and a small shoulder strap for convenient use when needed. 


In the end, I search for local Malaysian brands for online shopping.

Fireworks' Weekender Duffle Bag

Here is found an innovative and contemporary weekender duffle bag at a new emerging Malaysian fashion store. It is blissfully accommodating for my romantic and business vocation need. 

First of all, it gives me a minimalistic look to match with my travel destinations. 

Secondly, it fulfills my pre-conceived idea of portability and comfort. Thirdly, I fell in love with its tasteful leather accent. 

Again, it was convenient for air traveling and keeping it in the overhead compartment. 

Last but not least, they have a fantastic pricing policy to compensate for your budget. 

Let see some of its features that inspired me to purchase this instantly: 

Top Features of firework's Weekender Duffle Bag 

1-100% genuine leather duffle bag 

2- Smart and sleek

3- Two carry handles

4- Inner zip compartments

5- Handmade with sustainable, pure leather

6- Detachable shoulder strap to carry along

7- Cool pink color

8- Easily adjustable in air plane's overhead compartment


Fireworks' weekender duffle bag- fireworks house

Fireworks Weekender Duffle Bag Pricing policy

Besides, fireworks got a unique pricing policy to suit your budget. Which I guess is a unique selling point for a designer fashion brand like this catering for Malaysian lifestyle needs. You can split your payments into three months. To my surprise, these are interest-free installments. See details below:


fireworks' pricing policy - firework house

For this split payment procedure, you need to check out and click split. Then you will get an email. And you pay your installments with ease. 


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