Why Support Ethical Fashion Brand?

What is the meaning of Ethical Fashion?

Ethical fashion is involving the whole process of starting from the raw materials to the production and what impact does it gives to the society and mother nature. It covers range of issues such as working conditions, exploitation, fair trade, sustainable production, the environment and animal welfare.

For example, our products are handmade by the local people in India by using 100% genuine leather that we source ethically - at the same time, we build a school and helped 130 students there by giving them free education. We are doing a business but also helping the society there to have a better life.

Why Ethical Fashion is important?

These days, people are colliding each other by chasing fast fashion so that they won’t miss out or be out of date. Fast fashion is not good at all.

Ethical Fashion are beneficial for all sides - human, animals and environment. 

How so?

As you are aware, our shoes are made from 100% genuine leather that we sourced ethically. How do we sourced the leather ethically?

We source our leather from individual families in India who own cattle. The cows eventually die or are slaughtered for meat, but these families usually don’t use or sell the leather/skin and it’s thrown away to the land. This is where our skilled artisans took and use the leather to handmade our shoes by using a craft that is almost 800 years old.

Leather are compostable and long lasting natural material that is given by the Mother Nature. Keep in mind that not all brand that use genuine leather are ethical brand, some of them kill the animal cruelly for their fur and skin.

When you support Ethical Brand, you know that it is also cruelty free. When you purchase other faux leather shoes from other brand - faux leather are manmade products that is made from synthetic materials and takes a long time to compost. You will just increasing the amount of waste to our land.

Be a cautious buyer, know what you spend your money on. We are one of a few Ethical Fashion brand in Malaysia.

When you purchase from us, not only you will get a beautiful leather shoes that is super comfy, versatile and can last you for many years to come - but you are also helping the society and our universe.

Visit our website now to find out more here - www.fireworkshouse.com

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