Ten best tan shoes for men from fireworks collection

 Without a doubt, fireworks is the best luxury footwear brand that offers a collection of world-class handmade leather shoes to pair up with your finest personality. You can sense the delicacy and expert handcraft skills devoted to making a single pair of fireworks house shoes. Contrary to the Elves and shoemaker story, our artisans take 22 days to craft these handmade leather shoes. Remember the elves' story from childhood memories when they could make shoes in one night? But our artisans take time to create these timeless pairs.

Yes, this whole process takes such a long time to make one pair with care and love using high-quality leather. Indeed, we all know that fireworkshouse is an ethical fashion brand to support cruelty-free industry standards. Besides, we also believe in the best working conditions for our artisans, fair trade practices, sustainability, and take care of environmental welfare. In addition, we promise quality and comfort together for our valued customers. Therefore, we all must support the ethical fashion brands like Fireworks.

Fireworks' Tan shoe collection

So let's start with tan shoes to give you rich compliments with your various outfits. 

Men usually tend to buy similar shoes and avoid experimentation with outfits and shoes. But at this new year, you must go for a little experimentation, like buying tan shoes with your various party outfits. Being a modern gentleman, you need to make a bold statement with fireworks tan shoes. 

Honestly, these versatile shoes look awesome at Monday morning meetings to afternoon parties; and the activities between them. This style plus comfort wardrobe staple keeps you easy in all rains and shine. Moreover, these shoes can adapt well to our rainy weather and keep your feet healthy and going. 

In addition, these pure leather shoe styles give an authoritative look to your brilliant personality. Even perfect for your latest interviews and starting a romantic relationship. Because it gives a commanding appearance to your personality, that makes our fireworks brand a highly sought-after shoe brand in Malaysia. 

It completes your stylish looks and gives a comfortable wearing experience. The credit goes to handcrafting skills and an excellent non-slip leather sole that supports your feet for a long time. Wait! Aren't you anxious to see our tan-coloured shoes from the fireworks collection? Also, we will give a little advice to enhance your wardrobe styling further. 


tan shoes for men- fireworks house
tan shoes for men
tan shoes for men - fireworks house


tan shoes- fireworks house

Let's see what dressings harmonize well with our ten best tan shoe collections from fireworks.

Here are some of your top queries about tan shoes!

Can you wear tan shoes with black pants?

Can you wear tan shoes with khaki pants?

What do you wear with tan shoes?

What are perfect tan shoe combinations?

What are the best tan shoes Outfits?

Wait, wait, wait !!

Ideally, brown shoes from the earthen pallet look gorgeous with blue, grey, and white. Yes, blue, grey and white shades are your primary colours. Got me?

Are you wondering about your navy blue, light grey- and charcoal-colored suits? Yes, you can add lovely tan colour details with these outfits in the form of fireworks tan shoes. But it does not mean that you also wear a brown tie to match your tan shoes. Else, why not add a brown messenger leather bag for the office? It will be a perfect match. But please bear in mind that we need to match shades of brown, not exact colors.

What do you wear with tan shoes?

These handmade leather tan shoes look perfectly fine with chinos, jeans and khaki, casual trousers, and traditional dresses. One tip is to pick lighter tan shoes for more casual looks. Since styles are continually evolving, it is better to revamp your style with fireworks classical loafer shoes

How to wear light tan shoes?

Light tan shoes match superbly with dark shades of blue and grey tones. So don't need to worry about your next wardrobe shopping. Enjoy your favourite coloured dress without worrying about matching. Fireworks bespoke shoes specially designed to match your fabulous outfits. 

Also, don't forget to check your shoes for style, arch support and durability of the material. Leather shoes are undoubtedly the most durable material for shoes. These are your lifetime gifts if treated with care. Besides, the highly affordable prices make them the first choice for you. Let's hunt down men's tan shoes for you from the fireworks collection.

1- Hola natural

hola natural tan shoes for men - fireworks house


To fully grasp the perfect looks with white, grey and blue suits, hola natural comes as a handy choice. Besides sophisticated appeal, this shoe has a soft padded insole to keep your feet comfortable and at ease. In addition, this handmade leather shoe is moisture-wicking and the best choice for Malaysian rainy weather. 

2- Tycoon natural

tycoon natural tan shoes for men- fireworks house


Tycoon natural is a classic pair of tan shoes that have passed the test of time. Indeed, all of us have worn these types of tan shoes in our life. Even more popular now, it adds a sound authoritative appearance to your personality. Choosing the correct dress colour is essential to pull out the fabulous looks with tycoon natural tan shoes.

3- Aristocrat natural


Aristocrat Natural tan shoes for men - fireworks house

 Aristocrat natural is a superb decent pair of tan shoes that will match all formal and casual suits. This royal handmade leather shoe instantly brightens up your looks. While jeans are not the only choice to pair with it, give it a try with chinos, dress pants, or traditional Malay dresses.   

4- Chief natural 

chief natural tan shoes for men- fireworks house

Another impeccable piece of the shoe from the tan shoe family to balance your dark-coloured outfits. Chief natural is the best workwear and is perfectly suitable for parties, holidays, weekends. This tan shoe will keep you going with comfort and style. These sophisticated shoes even look perfectly fine on events like marriages. Look at the fashionable details of this tan shoe pair and enjoy the chic feeling while carrying it. 

5- Theo natural

Theo natural tan shoes for men- fireworks house

We all want a stylish casual pair of shoes for dull weekends and holidays. Theo natural is a unique slip-on shoe that best fits the weekend and holiday. Works as a lovely slip-on partner for your busy days. One of the best-admired features of this lightweight tan shoe is the khavni woven upper for a classy appearance.

6- Daily natural

daily natural tan shoes for men - fireworks house

Daily natural is your everyday casual shoe with an elegant look to balance your rough and demanding personality. We all know leather is the best material for shoes; this tan leather shoe is easy to style with all your casual outfits. Be sure to style it with darker blue, grey, and white shades.

7- Hola tan

hola tan shoes for men - fireworks house


Hola tan is another unique footwear design that balances your light colour dressing. In addition to light and white, it looks simply perfect with a grey and charcoal dress. Whether you carry it for office or casual, it suits your style for both types.

8- heir natural 

heir natural tan shoes for men- fireworks house

Add heir natural as a smart-casual shoe to your wardrobe. This versatile tan shoe is a fit for your workwear. The key features are elegant appearance and artistic design that keeps you confident and boosts your style sense. In addition, it is roomy and highly suitable for your comfortable wearing from day one.

9- Titan natural

titan natural tan shoes for men- fireworks house

This luxurious tan shoe has my heart. Incredibly designed by artisans, titan natural unique design speaks of luxury and royalty. Every man should have a pair of these tan shoes for instant styling for any special occasion.

10- Reina natural

Rienna natural tan shoes for men - fireworks house

Riennna natural is your roomy, moisture-wicking and airy pair of tan shoes that completes your chic looks. You can create a head-turning style with this handmade leather tan shoe. Even perfect for wedding parties. Pairs well with all types of party wear and balances out the dresses from lighter to darker tones.

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