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What are the best shoes for foot pain?

Shoes always recall me of Disney princess - Cinderella. Her inspiring story led many brands to create glassy heels and accessories to take you to the dream world. That might take away all our miseries. Yes, many of us shoe-aholics believe that a new pair of shoes can change our lives, like in Cinderella's story.

But that is not true. Since embarking into the era of wellness makes us more attentive to the health perspective of everything we use. Therefore, for improved mental and physical health outcomes, we need to use body-friendly products. If we talk about shoes, the previous fashion trends are not supportive of foot health. Do you know why?

How bad shoes affect your body?

Often people ask: can shoes cause a health problem? Let's see what celebrities and scientists say about it. 

There's an interesting fact about the famous English model twiggy. She favoured flat shoes over high heels due to her health issues after her modelling career. Can you believe it? It is because she suffered terrible back pain due to high heels. 

To support her findings, we dig further into the research of how bad shoes affect your body. According to orthopaedic surgeon Donald Bohay and biomechanics expert Casey Kerrigan's research findings, high heels cause nerve damage, knee arthritis, bunions, ankle sprains, and other foot health issues. I have a hunch that despite all these findings, fashion will win out the situation. But do you consider that ignoring foot health might bring bad results? 

Why do we need to take care of foot health?

Your all-body movement is critically dependent on your foot. So besides being a fashionistayou must also take good care of your foot health. After all, your foot is a connection between the ground and the body. Therefore, you must be conscious of your health and wellbeing. But we forgot all these health precautions while pitching shoes. The time has come to value your style and body requirements. So, detach yourself from old concepts of bearing the pain for the sake of fashion. And find new shoe brands that are catering to your style while considering foot health.

Fireworks's footwear collection is the best shoes for foot health

Fireworks is a new Malaysian brand for best shoes that fulfil the criteria of foot health. You will be delighted to know that these are handmade leather shoes that you can wear all day long without any difficulty. Besides, these are the best walking shoes too. Let's see what makes these shoes best for your foot health.

1- Best minimal shoes for supporting foot health

If we consider scientific facts, Harvard University professor Daniel Lieberman and other researchers found that minimal shoes with flexible and thin soles are best to make your feet stronger. The stronger and stiffer foot support backbone health and cartilage damage. Therefore, you must try the fireworks' loafers collection for walking, evening strolls, and long office working hours.

2- Flexibility

Fireworks' slip ons flat, lightly padded shoes naturally offer flexibility and movement. While on the other hand, ill-fitting tight shoes badly damage toes and cause stress on joints and knee. This lightly padded footwear supports the natural curvature of our feet. 

3- Joints support

Fireworks shoes are the most comfortable shoes for the best joint health. These minimal shoes support your ankle joints and don't exert pressure on any area of your feet, including joints. Therefore, your feet can take all necessary movements. Otherwise, tight shoes can cause atrophy too. 

4- Knee support

Although we all have our ideas for good shoes for feet health, you must have experienced stress on your knee after wearing high heels and tightly fitted shoes. Many of us might like to have padded shoes for our feet. But it is also true that tightly padded shoes, put more demand on our muscles, joints, and knee. Furthermore, how long can your feet stay in tight shoes? 

5- Connection with brain

When we wear stiff soles and tightly fitted shoes, it reduces the connection between the feet and the brain.

It is because our feet are captured in tight soles and feel less connection with brain cells. Therefore, the brain has less control over foot movement, leading to nerve damage in the long run. Precisely, you will feel painful cramping, numbness, muscle weakness after taking off shoes at the end of the day. Therefore, we need a pair of shoes for a confident gait with a natural movement pattern. Fireworks' footwear mimics barefoot walking that gives posture stability, maintains body balance, and allows free mobility. 

6- Posture support

Firework's light and flexible shoes support your posture and gait. The primary reason is that these shoes mimic the barefoot and make you take all movements quickly. Although, some high padded shoes claim for arch support and prevention from injury too. But for casual footwear, we must select shoes with more flexibility. These footwears keep our posture straight and allow the body to maintain its balance. 

7- Material

Leather is elastic, breathable, tear-proof, and insulating material to support your feet' health. Considering our humid Malaysian weather, leather shoes offer more air circulation than any other material, Fireworks' slip ons are made of leather and suit your environment. Besides, these are hand-woven to provide maximum breathability.   

Finally, it means that you need a pair of shoes for health. The shoes that can maintain foot health. If you are looking for shoes for healthy feet, first consider looking for fireworks' handmade organic leather shoes for your best foot health. Besides, we also offer handmade leather messenger bags, stylish office shoes for women, men casual shoes, loafers for men, genuine leather backpacks, Weekender duffle bags, batik shirts, best men shoes, ladies fashion clothing, Naina collection and super glamorous loafers.  

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